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                      Q-scan frequently asked questions

 How is the Q-Scan different from the regular scratch test?


First of all the Q-Scan is completely painless. There is no puncture of the skin. The Q-Scan probe merely presses against the skin. A scratch test measures the histamine response. The Q-Scan measures both histamine and non-histamine response. This is very important when testing foods because most food sensitivities are non-histamine in nature. Typically non-histamine responses to food sensitivites such as headaches, bloating, tiredness are not picked up by scratch tests.  The Q-Scan is ideal for food sensitivity testing.


Can the Q-Scan perform other functions?


Yes, the Q-Scan is excellent for the detection of parasites, heavy metals and environmental sensitivities.


Are there any side effects to the Q-Scan?


No. There is no substance injected into the body.


Is there any preparation necessary?

There is no preparation at all. One can eat and drink normally. Metal objects should be removed during the testing as sometimes these items can interfere with testing.


Can children be tested?

Yes, anyone can be tested. With small infants a surrogate such as the mother or father is usually necessary.


Can pregnant women be tested?

The Q-Scan is completely safe for pregnant women.


How much does the testing cost?

The prices varies based on the test performed. When choosing more than one test, discounts are available. Individual tests are priced as follows:


Food Sensitivity Work-up (300 foods)   $99

Environmental Sensitivity                     $50

Chemical Sensitivity                             $40

Candida Screen                                   $50

Parasite Screen                                   $50

Toxic Metal Detection                           $30


How do I book an appointment?

If you go to the calender page, you can see a complete list of locations and dates. Simply contact the clinic you would like to go to and make an appointment.