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                              live cell microscopy



Live Cell Microscopy is an extremely close look at your blood, giving you an overall picture of your well being. Traditional blood test that doctors employ are an autopsy of our blood, whereas with this method the blood is still living.  The technician is able to see things that the doctor may not be looking for and the results are immediate.  This does not by any means take away from the traditional blood testing.  It just sees things differently. 

A drop of blood is painlessly extracted from the  finger and then placed on the stage of a specialized microscopy. The technician then assesses for an assortment of nutritional strengths and weaknesses.  You are able to see for yourself, via a TV screen, an easy to understand look at what is happening within your body at that particular time. It is not a medical procedure. The technician does not treat, cure or prescribe. 
The technician is assessing your health and healing environment, not your health and healing. The two concepts are not necessarily the same. 
The technician may find indication of mineral deficiencies like iron, or vitamin deficiencies like B12.  They may also see indications of particular of stress to your liver or your kidneys, or hormonal issues such as menopause or thyroid, just to name a few.  The technician will then give you recommendations based on sound nutritional principles.
When you return for a follow-up and there is a visual change in the look of the blood and you feel and look better, there is no more powerful motivator for continuing to incorporate these positive changes in your lifestyle. 




Our live cell microsopy sessions are performed in many different locations by Ted Aloisio. Considered  many to be the foremost authority on the practical application of live cell microscopy, Ted has performed over 20,000 sessions. He has authored Blood Never Lies. He has lectured extensively throughout Canada and the Unitied States.



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