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   Q-scan food sensitivity testing


In the 1950s a scientist by the name of Reinhold Voll founded the concept of electro-dermal acupuncture. Using technology available to him in the 1950s, Voll was able to map out the same energy meridians that Chinese acupucturists had mapped out over 2 000 years ago.


Voll's work was furthered by another brilliant man named Dr. Roy Curtain. Curtain is a physicist who mapped out the electromagnetic frequency  of  foods and other substances. This electrical signature was translated into digital code and stored on computer software.


 Dr. Curtain created a machine known as the IQS (Interactive Query System or Q-Scan). It works in conjuction with Dr, Curtain's software. In more than 20 years in the health business I have not found a more accurate technology.


One of the  most effective uses  for  the  Q-Scan  is  testing  for food sensitivities. Food sensitivities are different from food allergies. Allergies are defined as toxic clinical reactions to food or food additives that involve the immune system.


Food sensitivities are defined as the inability to tolerate food which induces chronic activation of the innate immune system. 


 Food sensitivities cause stress to the body and temporarily reducing or eliminating them from your diet can help increase energy to the body. This increased energy can have a tremendous healing impact on the body.

The standard food sensitivity screen tests for over 300 foods. The current price for this test is $99. If you are interested in having one performed go to the calender page to find a convenient location and time.

If you require further information please visit the Q-Scan frequently asked questions page or contact us.